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What does Incitement do?

Incitement is Asia’s fastest growing social business, with its headquarters in buzzing Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

They are a thriving global movement that collaborates with brands like Pepsico, L’Oreal, and FedEx to organize events and social impact projects, with the aim of spreading positivity and social change in communities around the world. Incitement is organized in 46 countries and counting.

Meet the team.

The Mission

‘Our mission is to create a new model for the way humanitarian work is done!’

Why Work for The Incitement?

Nicole, Incitement’s CSR & Management Consultant, tells us about the amazing work-life balance she gets to enjoy, the close connection she has with her colleagues, and the professional network she gets to create through working with the world’s largest and most renowned brands.

‘Your free to take a risk, your free to really push yourself and really seize every opportunity that comes your way!’

The Weekly Grind

Incitement’s Impact Director, Fai, explains to us that one of the main benefits for her of working with Incitement is that she gets to travel a lot.

From social projects in the jungle of Borneo, to visiting NGOs in rural Cambodia, to team retreats on tropical Langkawi.

Besides that, Fai tells us that another important reason for her to work with Incitement is because the projects she works on have an immense social impact on the community.

We are not an NGO, but a social business. So I get to grow my business- and entrepreneurial skills AND have a meaningful impact on the world

What Do They Look for in Employees?

Zikry Kholil, one of the co-founders of Incitement, informs us on what three characteristics he looks for in applicants to see if they are a cultural fit for the company.

Besides that, they are looking for people with a ‘get shit done!’ attitude with a drive to learn and perform better every time!

‘Your eagerness to learn, your ability to adapt and to act on the things that really bother you the most. That is the attitude that we are looking for!’

Incitement Office Locations

Incitement has its main office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Incitement Headquarters

179 Harris St, Pyrmont, NSW 2009, Sydney, Australia

One of The Incitement’s biggest projects: ‘Liter of Light’.

Growth Opportunities:

– Get paid to work on stuff that matters. How often do you come across an actual paid job for which you can say “holy sh*t, I did something today that changed somebody’s life!”

– Ideas over egos. You’ll be working with some of the brightest minds in the industry on cutting-edge ideas that deliver tangible impact.

– They are the fastest growing social business in Asia. They are growing rapidly, currently in 46 countries and counting so there are plenty of career opportunities at Incitement.

Interesting Facts:

–  Incitement cofounder Zikry Kholil is listed on Forbes 30 Under 30 for the category Community Impact 2016, and was featured alongside Elon Musk, Malala, and many others in the 2016 Real Leaders Top 100.

– The Incitement has a very demographic work style. You don’t work for or under anybody, everybody’s opinion matters!

– In 2016 Incitement received the honorable Social Progress Award.

– At Incitement you may order any book & attend any event at the company’s expense, as long your learnings are shared with the team.

The Incitement attracts a lot of interesting speakers. Here you can see former Miss Universe Malaysia Deborah Henry speak about one of her projects called ‘The Fugee School’.

Quick Stats:

– Founding year: 2011
– Number of Employees: 1- 50
– Work Options: Full-time
– Company Type: Private
– Industry: Non-Profit

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