Are You the New BEAN in Our BAG?

Become a Writer!

Are you passionate about writing? Do you have an experience or story to share which will help others with their career? Would you want your articles to be published and shared with thousands of readers?

Then you have come to the right place! Beanbgs is always looking for the best writers and is the perfect place for you to highlight your expertise as a career expert.

What We  Look for:

  • You are an avid, confident writer that is looking to reach a wider audience.
  • Strong English writing skills that resonate with our audience and matches the beanbgs style. (Smart, helpful, fun and most of all, relatable.)
  • Actionable pieces that provide advice, tips, experiences, and lessons that can really help our audience with their career and entrepreneurial ambitions.
  • Articles that provide a fresh and unique insight (For instance, think of ’10 advantages of getting work experience abroad’ and not ‘Why you should get a job abroad’.)
beanbgs writer sharing

Sharing is Caring!

Don’t think we will just post your article and be done with it! We will blast your article through the internet space via social media and our marketing channels. Plus, if your article leaves us in absolute awe, then we will unleash our PR powers and get your work noticed by other big publishers. 

beanbgs writer community

We Got Your Back!

You will officially be a part of the Beanbgs community! Meaning, we will create a profile for you with social follow buttons. This makes it easier for readers to see what else you have been up to and how they can reach you.

beanbgs writer proofread

Our Editors Eye!

Don’t worry! We promise not to act like a teacher by assessing your submissions. You are the expert here and we fully believe in you. What we will do is ensure your article coincides with the Beanbgs brand. This will make it easier on you for future submissions. After that, it is ready to be published!

Are You Ready?

To submit a story or an idea, send us an e-mail at TEUN@BEANBGS.COM with the subject line: BEANBGS ARTICLE: ‘Your header’.


We will notify you immediately that we have recieved your submission. Then we will get back to you within two weeks to let you know if we liked it and if we want to continue working with you.

Please Put the Following in Your E-mail:

  • We love to get to know our writers. So please tell us in max 5 sentences who you are, where you’re from and why you love to write.
  • Pitch us your article idea. Give us a sample, tell us what sources you are planning to use and what insights you want to give to our audience.
  • If possible, send us a link to previous work.

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Get your Interview Preparation Checklist!