5 Creative Ways to Make Sure You Get That Job Interview.

Teun van der Lugt, Founder Beanbgs, Netherlands

27 November 2017

Imagine this. You found the company of your dreams, it fits everything that you wished for. It has the perfect location, the right company culture and it just so happens that there is a job opening that you were born to do! Time to send it that resume!

Most people just send it their resume, hoping their HR department is good enough to pick you out and give you a job interview.

But what most people don’t realize is that by the end of the day, your resume will be on a top of 100’s of other resumes. Sometimes more depending on the size of the company. Plus going over resumes every day is not the most exciting part of any HR manager.

So what can you do to stand out? How can you make sure that the company you are applying for, can’t get around you, sees you as somebody who’s passionate about working there and leaves them no choice but to give you that job interview!

Here are 5 creative ways to get noticed and to land that job interview!

1. Make a stunning C.V.

Most people just create a simple resume. They write down what kind of education they had, their former job experiences and a short biography of who they are.

Thinking about a resume like that makes me fall asleep and can almost guarantee you to just get overlooked. Remember, your not the only one who sends in their resume.

So instead of making a standard resume, get personal and get creative!

Companies want to know who you are, who is the person that wants to work with them. Don’t be afraid to get personal. Write down who you are as a person besides work. Write down your passions, the places that you lived, a short quote that defines who you are and add a beautiful photo of yourself.

And don’t just add a simple profile shot, find a photo that matches with the company.

Applying for a travel agency? Add a vacation photo. Applying for a video production house? Add a photo of you with a camera.

Show them who YOU are as a person, don’t show them your boring side.

Once you made your resume more personal, make sure your design stand out above other resumes.

Now I know what your thinking:

‘But Tony, I’m not a designer, I have no eye for this, I can barely draw a circle!’

That’s okay, there are multiple tools out there that can help you easily design stunning resumes.

Canva, for instance, has a great tool that can help you create your own beautiful, unique resume that can really make you stand out from the crowd. They even have templates that you can just use and fill in your own details. Making a resume could not be easier.

Other good places to get templates for resumes are Envato and Goodypaterns (The site is in German, but their resumes are incredible.)

If you need some more writing your resume, Diana Costa wrote a great article on how to best improve your C.V.

2. Send a little present with your resume.

A few years back I applied for a company that I really wanted to work for. I was a perfect cultural fit and I NEEDED to work there. So I sent in my resume, beautifully designed, but I added something special. I added a little flower.

Nothing special, just a simple flower and a thank you note saying: ‘Thank you for looking at my resume’.

They loved it! Within the hour I got an e-mail with a photo of a happy HR manager saying.

‘Dear Teun

Thank you for your application and being interested in working with us. We’re also super grateful and happy for the flower you’ve sent to us! 🙂

We’ll be reviewing your application and getting back to you shortly :)’.

And wouldn’t you know it, within 1 day I got my first interview!

Don’t be afraid to stand out. A simple gesture as a flower will make sure that you will be remembered and will increase your chances of getting that job interview.

3. Create a video cover letter.

Again, the goal is to stand out and show who you really are! Your qualifications only get you so far, but nobody wants to hire somebody that doesn’t fit well with the company. Show your personality!

So why not make a short video introducing who you are? Besides showing you as a person, it shows that you are not afraid to talk about yourself. Standing in front of a camera can be scary for most people and it’s quite impressive if you can pull this off!

Some companies like Mindvalley or Incitement even go as far as making a cover video mandatory. They will not accept any applicants that don’t make a video showcasing who they are and why they want to work with them. If you type into youtube: ‘Mindvalley cover letter’ you will see 100’s of videos of people who are applying for a job at Mindvalley.

Of course, the better the video the more impressive it is for the HR manager that sees it. But you don’t have to go overboard, no need for any special effects or amazing camera shots. Most important is to accurately show who you really are as a person.


4. Contact your future manager!

The HR department is there so that managers don’t get flooded with resumes themselves and can focus on their job. They have enough on their plate so sorting out through hundreds of resumes is only stressful and gets in the way of their actual work.

However, it is not a bad idea to send a little message to your ‘future’ manager that you are about to apply for a position in his or her team and why you are going to do it. Just a little note is all you need and then send in your application to the HR department.

Of course, you need to find out who your manager is going to be first and how to contact them. In order to do this just do some research on Linkedin or Facebook. In most cases, it should be easy to find.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t send a message through Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform. This may come across a being a bit of a stalker and nobody likes that. LinkedIn is fine as it is a platform that connects professionals with each other, but avoid social media.

If you can’t find them on LinkedIn, but only on Facebook, for instance, you can try and find their professional work e-mail. E-mail hunter is a great site for finding out the e-mail address for people working for a company.

But again, don’t come across as a stalker and use this tool wisely. If you are to send them an e-mail, make sure you end on a good note. Something like:

‘ps: I hope you don’t mind sending you this e-mail, I learned a few things during my career and can basically find anyone’s email inside a big company. A sneaky skill that can come handy at times ;)’

This way, it actually sounds quite impressive that you managed to find your managers respective e-mail and you won’t come across as a weird stalker person.

5. Walk into the office and deliver your resume in person.

If the office of the company you want to work for is close by, why don’t you just drop off your resume in person? In fact, why don’t you get a cappuccino from Starbucks and give that to the HR manager to! That’s what my sister did!

My sister had a job interview and it went great. So great that they wanted her for another interview. They would schedule that interview within a week.

1 week later. Nothing happened. So my sister called and they said ‘Yes we still want to interview you, we will get back to you asap.

Another week passed and again nothing happened. Now, of course, this is very frustrating and most people would just let it go. My sister, however, did something different.

She just went to Starbucks. Bought a cappuccino and an iced Latte for herself, went to the company, put down the cappuccino on the desk of the HR department and said:

‘Hey guys, I fully understand and noticed how busy you guys to schedule another interview so I figured I just come over to find a good slot so that we are both not waiting on each other and wasting each others time’

The HR manager appreciated the gesture, apologised for the delay and she did her second interview on the spot!

As is the case here again, it is good to show your personality and it says something to go the extra mile for an interview.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is still good to send your resume by e-mail and following their procedures. Most companies have their own process of handling resumes and if you break that process its only annoying for them. Delivering your resume in person is a bonus, just like delivering a cup of coffee.

Don’t be afraid to stand out.

The tips described above will increase your chances greatly on getting that job interview you want. And if you really want to get noticed. Use a combination of these tips to really stand out from the crowd!

When I applied for a job I wanted a few years back, I made a cover video, send my resume in with a flower and I sent an e-mail to my future manager. It showed my passion and excitement and it landed me that oh so desired job interview the very next day.

Don’t be afraid to show who you are and why you want to work with the company. Nothing beats passion and enthusiasm.

I will leave you guys with a few final words.

Every company is different and sometimes you just have to feel what is possible and how you can stand out. Research the company you want to work for, go deep in this. Know what they are doing, how they have grown in the last few years and how you see yourself fit within the company.

Once you’re done, you can figure out what combination of tips you found in this article that would be best suitable for landing that job interview.

Teun van der Lugt

Teun van der Lugt

Founder Beanbgs

Teun is a professional videographer, writer and the founder of Beanbgs. Originally from The Netherlands, he has traveled and worked all across the globe. He is passionate about creating amazing videos and photos and helping people find their dream career.

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